About Me

I am both an architect and painter. My work in both disciplines combines a number of themes, a love of structure, both ancient and modern, a love of the land, especially landscape with dramatic shape, a love of mythic story tradition and of Irish culture.

Goals and Meaning and Purpose

In time, my goal is to work with other mythological themes. Cesair's partner, the timeless Fintan MacBochra, who lived for 5,500 years is one likely subject. The pioneering Parthalonians and Nemedians, the humble 'bag men' of Old Ireland, the Fir Bolg with their wonderful political concept of decentralized power and the fifth province of Tara and Uisneach.

The men of many skills, Lugh and Balor, the Irish versions of what was later to be known as the Renaissance man, the all-rounder. The voyage of Bran, St Brigid, The Pirate Queen, so many subjects so many sources of inspiration, there is treasure everywhere. But I stress my practice is not painting for painting sake, I am always in search of the hidden essence or meaning, the wisdom of the story, and how by unravelling the legend one can find a code, a path to follow, which will first protect and sustain, and then nourish and inspire, the individual on his or her own journey.


My hope, that, like the great Florentine painters, whose work was part of an emergent world view and a re-embracing of classical ideas, my work could possibly portray a wider social, cultural and political dimension.

My vision is to raise awareness of a culture that believed in the local, and explore how it might be a light that shows us a way, in our contemporary world of misdirection, misinformation, and fake news.